Choosing the Right Rifle for Hunting Antelope


Antelope pic


A leader in the trucking industry, Robert Rogulic serves as the founder, president, and CEO of Tri-National, Inc. In his leisure time, Robert Rogulic enjoys hunting. He belongs to the Boone & Crockett Club, a hunting organization in which he holds a record for shooting one of the largest antelopes.

When it comes to hunting antelopes, good rifles must be capable of shooting over long distances while ensuring the bullet stays level. These rifles are advantageous because most antelopes in the United States are found on open prairies, and hunters must target them across hundreds of yards of flat land.

Further, hunters need rifles with a good sight to ensure they can properly aim across this distance. Ideally, rifle sights should be capable of letting hunters see animals at least 200 yards away.

Choosing the correct rifle caliber is also important. Most hunters favor calibers between 0.243 and 0.270. For antelopes, a fairly wide range of caliber can be used.


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