Tips for Effective Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition pic

Employee Recognition

The president of Tri-National, Inc., Robert Rogulic provides crucial transportation solutions to connect businesses across North America. To recognize and promote good driving practices among his truck drivers, Robert Rogulic offers tools for motivation such as Million Mile Drivers recognition and monthly cash bonuses.

Recognizing employees for their exemplary performance is an effective way of reinforcing positive behavior in the workplace. Not only does it communicate appreciation to the employee who was recognized, but it reaffirms to others that positive actions in the workplace will be rewarded.

A strategic approach to employee recognition is necessary to reap its greatest benefits. Employers should start by making the recognition timely, meaning that it should be performed as closely as possible to the positive action that inspired it. Waiting until the end of the year to award a cash bonus for an action performed in February will not have the intended effect.

Next, employers should align recognition criteria with the company’s overall goals. Random recognition for actions such as arriving early at the office will dilute the objective of the program. Recognition works best when it is made in the context of business-focused and overall goal-oriented activities such as increasing sales or reducing operational costs.

Finally, employers should tie recognition to the employee’s perceptions of their value to the firm. While money is a good motivator, recognition is more than just a number. It’s a feeling of appreciation for an extra effort made or simply a job well done. It is personal and makes employees feel valued. Aside from money, this can be best achieved with awards and best performers’ lists.


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