Beware Signs of Vascular Complications from Diabetes


Kilo Foundation pic

Kilo Foundation

Based in Earth City, Missouri, Robert Rogulic leads the transcontinental transportation business Tri-National, Inc. With a passion for giving to important causes, Robert Rogulic regularly supports the Kilo Diabetes & Vascular Research Foundation.

While diabetes can be effectively managed with proper diet, exercise, and blood sugar control, it can be dangerous and even fatal if left untreated or improperly managed. For instance, there is a high correlation between diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Almost 70 percent of senior citizens with diabetes ultimately die of some form of heart disease, and around 16 percent die of stroke, both of which are vascular ailments.

Beware the signs of possible diabetes-related vascular complications. Diabetes patients who experience blurred vision, unexpected weight gain or swelling, foamy-looking urine, sores or loss of feeling in the feet, leg pain when walking, or chest pain may be in danger of cardiovascular complications from diabetes and should seek treatment immediately.


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