As the Chairman and owner of Tri-National, Inc. (TNi), Robert Rogulic helps companies improve the methods they use to control costs and manage growth while transporting products. TNi was created from a merger of several transportation and logistics companies into one entity, and the firm now employs more than 500 people. TNi provides door-to-door delivery between Canada, Mexico, and the United States, and Robert Rogulic is dedicated to providing flawless service for the company’s trading partners in these three countries.

With headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, and facilities in Laredo, Texarkana, and Pharr, Texas, as well as Little Rock, Arkansas, and Charleston, Missouri, Robert Rogulic’s company is strategically positioned to supply uninterrupted service within the central United States corridor, connecting Canada and Mexico. Embracing the newest technologies available in the trucking industry, Robert Rogulic oversees a fleet of trucks fully equipped with satellite tracking systems that provide the exact location of every load, at any given time. By incorporating other useful features, such as online tracking, Internet tailored reports, cross-dock operations, and third-party logistics, Robert Rogulic keeps his customers informed about the status of every load TNi transports on their behalf.

For companies that require a full-service, ground transportation division, but cannot afford their own fleet, TNi Dedicated Services and Robert Rogulic offer a cost-effective solution. By using TNi Dedicated Services, Robert Rogulic’s customers can shift their entire ground shipping responsibilities to the company. This option fortifies their competitive edge, giving them access to proper equipment, drivers, advanced technology, and other resources they need to help their businesses flourish. By carefully monitoring its customers’ delivery flows, cost controls, and conventional expenses, TNi Dedicated Services can contribute to companies achieving larger profits while delivering their products on-time and affordably.

When he is not occupied with his work at TNi, Robert Rogulic enjoys hunting, and he holds a record from the Boone and Crockett Club for shooting one of the largest antelopes. Rogulic also hunts ducks and belongs to Ducks Unlimited, an organization dedicated to preserving wetland habitats for waterfowl.


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